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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

SM Technomine Inc is an offshore software development company that provides programming, designing, and developing services to a wide range of industries and business across the globe.

Working together with our customer, we can perform project from the mere concept towards the final, polished solution. Our greatest quality services are impelled through the customer’s comfort, discretion, cost benefits, budget targets, security issues, and schedule.

Mobile Development

As we have a good hand in HTML5 and CSS 3.0, we are much powerful in developing mobile web development. We are also providing a better mobile application development that is more useful for small business development and its management.

We are also providing simple mobile application for normal users for as Mobile Apps. We are providing following mobile device supports:

  • iOS 3,4,5,6

  • Android with all type of OS

  • Symbian OS

  • BlackBerry OS